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Chandler Home Burnt and Smelly from a Fire?? -- SERVPRO Can Help

4/8/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Chandler Home Burnt and Smelly from a Fire?? -- SERVPRO Can Help Chandler Roof Fire?? YIKES!! Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Mitigation

Professional Cleanup Is Essential for Fire Damage Remediation in Chandler

We know fire damage in your Chandler home or business can be an overwhelming experience. Treating the aftereffects of fire requires a multilayered approach to ensure the premises is clean and hygienic. When SERVPRO receives the initial call, we respond with professionalism and compassion to your circumstances.

SERVPRO of Chandler South fire damage restoration technicians are IICRC-certified Fire and Smoke Restoration specialists and can deal with all levels of remediation for fire damage in the Chandler, AZ area. Even a small fire started from a momentarily forgotten hot pan on a stove can leave significant issues to clean up, and if not handled properly, the potential for secondary damages such as foul odors and even mold can affect the property. We have the equipment and expertise to deal with any size fire disaster in a residential or commercial property.

Tips Before Our Arrival to Minimize Fire Loss

Our emergency response team arrives on site within hours after your initial call; in the meantime, there are things property owners can do to minimize the spread of fire damage in the home or business. 

Only remain in the property if the fire department has ascertained it is safe for you to do so. Safety for all is a priority.

If you remain in the property, avoid fire-damaged areas to limit the spread and the probability of soot particles being embedded into furnishings, window treatments, and carpeting.

Do not attempt any cleanup of walls or fire-damaged objects.

Containment and Cleanup

If the fire was located in a section of a home or business, containment steps are taken to diminish the spread of soot and smoke odors to unaffected areas. Our SERVPRO technicians inspect the area and determine if there are damages that require immediate attention such as boarding up windows and walls or placing tarps over compromised roofing. Rooms may be sectioned off using poly-barriers to isolate odors and floating smoke and soot particles.

It is not uncommon for SERVPRO technicians to work in teams. While one team works on identifying building materials and items too charred for restoration and suggests removal, other technicians focus on identifying water damage from fire extinguishing efforts. The restoration process is communicated transparently with both the owner and adjuster at every step and no discarding of items is done without approval.

Water cleanup is vital to the success of the remediation process. Extraction of any remaining standing water is performed using portable pumps or truck mounted units in the case of large-scale fire loss cleanups. Moisture meters and thermal imaging are used to determine if there are any pockets of moisture under flooring or behind walls.

Mold Concerns

SERVPRO of Chandler South technicians work diligently to ensure that mold is not an issue. Because of the residual moisture that can be left after extinguishing a fire from firefighters' hoses or a sprinkler system, multiple readings are taking before, during and after the drying process to ensure the moisture levels are consistent with our drying goals. This baseline reading goal when achieved can help to prevent mold development. This technique along with thorough cleaning with antifungal solutions leave surfaces clean..

Detailed Attention During Drying

Residual moisture can cause a host of secondary issues including both mold and foul odors. Thorough drying is the key to significantly reducing this possibility. The drying set up is unique to each cleanup and restoration SERVPRO works on. Using psychrometric principles, or the study of air and moisture, they position the air movers to keep moist air away from surfaces and pull moisture up and out of walls, ceilings, and flooring, then dehumidifiers capture and remove it. This is a very efficient way to dry affected areas quickly.

Multi-Methods Approach to Cleaning Smoke and Soot

There is not a one-size-fits-all process for cleaning smoke. SERVPRO technicians choose from different types of cleaning depending on the type of materials burned in the fire. Synthetic materials tend to leave a greasy residue that smears and sticks more to surfaces. Organic materials such as wood tend to leave a lighter, easier to clean smoke residue on surfaces. Dry ashes can readily be vacuumed up as an initial step in the fire debris removal process.

Soot and smoke generally do not travel deeply into nonporous surfaces such as enamel painted walls or vinyl wall coverings. While synthetic materials tend to attract more smoke and soot, the tradeoff is that they generally are easier to wipe down. That is why along with our professionally-formulated cleaning solutions, we use both wet and dry sponge methods as needed.

Specialized Solutions for Soot

Odor-causing soot molecules can travel throughout the area on shoes, set on the rims on jars of food and through the HVAC system. Because they are smaller than the average human eye can see (around 40 microns), containment is an early part of the cleaning process.

SERVPRO has various types of specialized equipment for cleaning soot from the property. The HEPA air scrubber is a machine frequently used to capture motes as small as 0.3 microns. The air scrubber pulls in the air in the same method as a vacuum and is fitted with a HEPA filter to capture the tiny soot particles. Because air flows from high pressure to low-pressure areas, using negative air fans creates an inward airflow direction directed through a duct and stops airborne soot particles from escaping or spreading. Any smoke odors left behind may be handled through thermal fogging or the use of ozone machines, in extreme cases, for neutralizing unpleasant scents.

Once the cleanup has been completed and restorable items in the structure returned to their -pre-fire condition, SERVPRO can recommend the necessary repairs to complete the process. It may be minor tasks such as replacing damaged drywall that was removed due to charring, installing new carpeting or painting walls. Our technicians can also handle major construction needs such as rebuilding a room or commercial property.

SERVPRO of Chandler South is available 24/7 to handle fire damage to your home or commercial property. Our technicians arrive within hours and have the expertise and equipment to handle the restoration of your home or business from start to finish. "Like it never even happened."

Read about fire prevention from the Chandler, AZ Fire Department.

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